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We would like to use this blog to share our journey through Year Six with you. You will be able to read about what we have been doing and sometimes see some pictures!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Charlotte - Through the decades presentation

Moving vehicles.

We have now had a couple of sessions to begin creating the cover/top for our moving vehicle- we are now taking them home to finish the decoration before bringing them back after half term for a race!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

60's Day!

Frstly we all came to school dressed up in the best costumes we could think of for the 1960's.Some people dressed up as Mary Quant or hippies.For the boys,the most popular were mods.

In this picture it shows a group of girls posing for a picture before they walk back up the cat walk.Also after that we played a game called juke box jury were you had to listen to a piece of music and the 4 judges decided whether or not they think its a hit or a miss.We also learnt some dances and we sang some songs like Yellow submarine and you will never walk alone.

Everone in 6 had a wicked time and enjoyed every minute!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Green Screen Filming

Have a look at our green screen films. We chose an event in recent history and created our own short videos!

1997 - Thrust SSC - Still The Fastest Land Vehicle

1996 - Spicegirls Wannabe

1989 - The fall of the Berlin Wall

1985 - Titanic Found 1985

1985 - Sultans of Swing - Live Aid

1982 - Michael Jackson - Thriller.wmv

1981 - Princess Diana Wedding

1970 - Talkshow Boom

1965 - First ever Subway (1965).wmv

1963 - First Woman in Space.wmv

1948 - London olympics 100m final

Finishing our moving vehicles!

Designing our moving veichles was great  fun especially when we had to deisgn the roof and door. The door was optional but you had to remember to have a way into the frame of the car to turn it on.

You also could  put stuff on like headlights,windows,spoilers,massive exhausts and a lot more
the hardest thing was making the door because you have to have it in a good place so it does not fall down and your hand has to fit in it.

The body also seemed hard because some of us had to restart loads of times

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Making three course meals!

Over the last few weeks we have been working towards a three course meal.We were all in groups of  3 or 4 and we planned our healthy 3 course meal! It took a long time to plan all the tiny details but eventually we had a completed plan that we all agreed with.

So far 2 groups have cooked and enjoyed eating their 3 course meal. We did ours yesterday. We set the table up so that it looked nice

My group made soup and bread,for the starter,the bread was the best I'd ever tasted then we had spaghetti and meatballs with a tomato sauce and finally we had chocalate brownies with a runny choclolate sauce! As a result of eating too much we all had bad tummy aches as well as chocolate all round our mouths!!!

The rest of the class will be cooking their meal this week and next week...