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We would like to use this blog to share our journey through Year Six with you. You will be able to read about what we have been doing and sometimes see some pictures!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Mam Tor!

Yesterday we climbed to the top of Mam Tor. The weather conditions were wet and windy and generally pretty horrible! What a credit 6HW were to Orchard though- not one moan about the walk or the weather and they were very supportive and caring of each other- you have made us proud!

After a quick lunch drying out we went down into Treak Cliff Cavern and were amazed by the sights we saw!

Home today!

Thank you 6HW for a fantastic week!

Mrs H and Mrs W

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Castleton: Wednesday

Today we went for a fab swim at Hathersage outside swimming pool! They heated it to around 29 degrees and it was lovely and warm!! Mr Carson was plagued by some of the children such as people shouting NINJA in his ears!! Then we went to Eyam and looked in the museum we saw a film about the plague and first to die it was all very interesting. Next we walked to the boundary stone (half a mile away) and found some facts out about that! We are all having a brilliant time.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

We are here! OJS do Castleton!

Hello, we are in Castleton (Derbyshire).  we have so far been to Cavedale and Peak Cavern. Cavedale was a very tough walk, but when we got to the top, there were beautiful views.  Peak cavern was amazing.  we had a rope demonstration which was interesting. .The tour guide told us stories about humans who used to live and work in Peak Cavern. We are looking forward to the rest of the week.!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Walking the walls!

Walking the walls

On Monday 23rd May 6HW went to walk the walls in Southampton city, we went to the forty steps which lead to Catchcold tower! After a while we then carried on to Arundel Tower which took a long time to get to the top. Then the Bargate wich we all had a go at sketching after we had completed the sketches we then moved on to the Arcades wHich the king orded to be blocked! next we went to West gate (second most important gate)we then went to lunch and were able to by an ice cream although it was cold! Then we headed back to the mini bus and got our bags ready to go swimming at the Quays. We all had a great time and realLy enjoyed ourselves and the whole class ended up playing a big game of it in the pool!!!

Here we are pretending to row the boats because that is where the sea used to come to-blue tiles represent the water.

We are standing where the wall used to be.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Yippee! Last SATs done!

This morning we finished our last SATs test, how do you think we’ve got through the week?

We've been doing SATs for the last week its gone very quickly. We've done seven tests: Maths A-B and mental arithmetic, English, Reading, Spelling and two writing tests. This has been quite hard for us all!

Now we are relaxing for the rest of the day- right now were sewing our coats of arms. Later on in the term we’re going to visit Castleton for 4 nights. More information about this coming soon.

The picture below shows us celebrating with cakes, drinks and marshmallows after our last test!

Friday, 6 May 2011


We have been creating atmosphere in our writing this week- have a read!

It’s a Mystery.

Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking    sound, it opened. Taking a deep breath, Ali walked inside…
A horrible stench entered his flaring nostrils as soon as he stepped through the open doorway. This door and room had definitely not been here when he had gone to school. But then again, they couldn’t have just – appeared. Could they? Ali’s mind filled with terror. He had to get out of here! But something wouldn’t let him go. Ali sniffed again, his moon round eyes watering at the foul odour of long dead creatures who had dared to make a home here, as well as the disgusting smell of (Ali gagged) petrol. “But what’s petrol doing down here?” He wondered out loud.
The moment he opened his desert dry mouth, he felt something crawl into it. His hand sprang to his mouth and pulled out a creepy, hairy spider. Squealing like a pig, Ali hopped backwards, sending up a cloud of century old puffy dust. Ali bit his lip. He felt as if other people had been here, other people who had never come out…alive. Ali stifled a squeak of fright. He stumbled towards the door and fell, while the door, with one final creak, swung shut, flooding the room in a wave of night black, crushing darkness. Click. The door locked. Suddenly, there was a swishing sound behind Ali, like the sound of rags brushing stone. The last thing Ali did, before someone grabbed him and dragged him further into the grumbling depths of the cave, was scream.

By Alice.      

Thursday, 5 May 2011


We realise we have somewhat neglected our blog! We are very busy at the moment; starting new projects and preparing for SATs next week. We will be back to fill you in on our exciting last term at junior school next week!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the big race!

Last week we had a race with are cars that we have been making for the past few weeks. It was really fun, we chose a group to race with, and then who ever won that race want on to the winners race. Everyone was bumping into each other, some of them even got damaged!
After the winners were decided , the whole class went outside to watch and see who won. All the racers were very competitive. Max came first but he had to take off his top, his top was really good for a ten year old. The winning person with there top on was Toby. He made a really good tank!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Our visit to Lepe!

Hello again, on 8th of March we went to Lepe Beach because of our topic "Coasts" and we learnt about erosion which is when the water and other things dig a hole through the cliff side. We also learnt how the groynes help the sand stay on land. The sea defences (the revetments) helped the paths stay intact. We played games like pooh sticks which is when we drop sticks into the river one side of the bridge and wait for a winner the otherside... althoulgh only two passed the fastest was 60 seconds (one minute).
We learnt a lot!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Charlotte - Through the decades presentation

Moving vehicles.

We have now had a couple of sessions to begin creating the cover/top for our moving vehicle- we are now taking them home to finish the decoration before bringing them back after half term for a race!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

60's Day!

Frstly we all came to school dressed up in the best costumes we could think of for the 1960's.Some people dressed up as Mary Quant or hippies.For the boys,the most popular were mods.

In this picture it shows a group of girls posing for a picture before they walk back up the cat walk.Also after that we played a game called juke box jury were you had to listen to a piece of music and the 4 judges decided whether or not they think its a hit or a miss.We also learnt some dances and we sang some songs like Yellow submarine and you will never walk alone.

Everone in 6 had a wicked time and enjoyed every minute!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Green Screen Filming

Have a look at our green screen films. We chose an event in recent history and created our own short videos!

1997 - Thrust SSC - Still The Fastest Land Vehicle

1996 - Spicegirls Wannabe

1989 - The fall of the Berlin Wall

1985 - Titanic Found 1985

1985 - Sultans of Swing - Live Aid

1982 - Michael Jackson - Thriller.wmv

1981 - Princess Diana Wedding

1970 - Talkshow Boom

1965 - First ever Subway (1965).wmv

1963 - First Woman in Space.wmv

1948 - London olympics 100m final

Finishing our moving vehicles!

Designing our moving veichles was great  fun especially when we had to deisgn the roof and door. The door was optional but you had to remember to have a way into the frame of the car to turn it on.

You also could  put stuff on like headlights,windows,spoilers,massive exhausts and a lot more
the hardest thing was making the door because you have to have it in a good place so it does not fall down and your hand has to fit in it.

The body also seemed hard because some of us had to restart loads of times

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Making three course meals!

Over the last few weeks we have been working towards a three course meal.We were all in groups of  3 or 4 and we planned our healthy 3 course meal! It took a long time to plan all the tiny details but eventually we had a completed plan that we all agreed with.

So far 2 groups have cooked and enjoyed eating their 3 course meal. We did ours yesterday. We set the table up so that it looked nice

My group made soup and bread,for the starter,the bread was the best I'd ever tasted then we had spaghetti and meatballs with a tomato sauce and finally we had chocalate brownies with a runny choclolate sauce! As a result of eating too much we all had bad tummy aches as well as chocolate all round our mouths!!!

The rest of the class will be cooking their meal this week and next week...

Friday, 21 January 2011

Carrying on with our moving vehicles!

During science we were reminding ourselves of how to make circuits for our D.T projects to
make moving, hand-made cars. we have already made the frames and attached the wheels, so we started to make the circuits.
We made one circuit with small lights,a batterry and a range of wires with crocodile clips on the end of them to transfer electricity from light to light.we also had a challenge to make a light switch from a small bit of card and a few paperclips.
In the picture above you can see some of us making switches to make the lights siccesfully go on and off
by using the switch. Once we have finished testing circuits we will make our own circuits to power our hand-made model cars.
Hopefully then we will get to decorate them to make them look a bit more like cars Because there is only the frame at the moment!

Friday, 14 January 2011

The Next stage of our moving vehicles!


This week we completed the next step in making our moving vehicles.

We put the wheels on the car and put the section that will hold the elastic band on.
Look at the picture above- we are doing well!

This took us an afternoon and Ben says "it was REALLY fun," and Jack says "it was a piece of cake," Not as easy for some other people though :-)

We also are working on the period after the war. We are looking at the seperate decades including 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s

Stay tuned for the next publish :-)

Rock and Roll Dance

On Wednesday we spent the afternoon learning about Rock and Roll dance!

We had a great time learning rock and roll dance moves such as the hand jive.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Here we are doing DT and making our own moving toy cars. We are starting today by building the frame of the toy car. We have got three  pieces of spar wood. First we mesure the spar wood into pieces the length of 20cm x2, 9 a half x2 and 12cm x 3. then we saw the pieces into the correct length and glue all of the pieces together into a frame.  Then we add paper  triangles to strengthen the edges.
After that we use the three 12cm sticks and glue them into a right angle.

So far they look really good and it has been great fun:):):):):):)