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Friday, 21 January 2011

Carrying on with our moving vehicles!

During science we were reminding ourselves of how to make circuits for our D.T projects to
make moving, hand-made cars. we have already made the frames and attached the wheels, so we started to make the circuits.
We made one circuit with small lights,a batterry and a range of wires with crocodile clips on the end of them to transfer electricity from light to light.we also had a challenge to make a light switch from a small bit of card and a few paperclips.
In the picture above you can see some of us making switches to make the lights siccesfully go on and off
by using the switch. Once we have finished testing circuits we will make our own circuits to power our hand-made model cars.
Hopefully then we will get to decorate them to make them look a bit more like cars Because there is only the frame at the moment!

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