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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Here we are doing DT and making our own moving toy cars. We are starting today by building the frame of the toy car. We have got three  pieces of spar wood. First we mesure the spar wood into pieces the length of 20cm x2, 9 a half x2 and 12cm x 3. then we saw the pieces into the correct length and glue all of the pieces together into a frame.  Then we add paper  triangles to strengthen the edges.
After that we use the three 12cm sticks and glue them into a right angle.

So far they look really good and it has been great fun:):):):):):)

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  1. it was brillant and they look fab i wonder what they will look like in the end????? i cant wait to do DT agin!!!!!!!!!!!!love baileyxxx