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Friday, 17 December 2010

Wacky hat lunch

On the 17th December we had our famous wacky hat lunch!
It was very exciting and funny, everyone really enjoyed themselves.  The main theme to a wacky hat lunch is to make a wacky hat in which you have to eat a roast dinner.  It was very funny, and the food was delcious in a fact it had the best roast potatoes ever.
Some of the hats were really funny like someone had a hat which was made out of a football, and one was made out of crackers. Some of the most memorable moments where when Mr Carson asked pupils what they thought of their teacher and how they had liked their year so far!

At the wacky hat lunch there were partypoppers and crackers! It was a great time and we all loved it!


  1. evreyone had a great with mad,waky and christmasy hat's!!

  2. Wow crazy times!! I love it!! What a great idea! Did anyone have a hat with sprouts on, as its christmas and all!?!? It looks like you all had a fab time. I think I might have to try this wacky idea at my school! Oh and what about matching it with a crazy socks/stockings! Merry Christmas!! :)


  3. I had great time I think that everyone had a real great time!!....Well I did anyway.

    Mr Carson was really funny and I think that the best thing about it was when Mr Carson asked most of us if we liked our teachers so far this year. I have to admit I love mine!!!! I also think everyone had cracking hats:):(