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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


6HW started making teddies a few weeks ago. We started by designing it on a sheet of paper, we did it on a template prited out for us, then we did another one and picked our favourite one of the two. We were asked to bring in materials to make the teddies. Lots of people brought material in so we didn't run out at all.

We each cut out of fabric, the template of the teddies. Next we sewed all the features onto the teddies such as eyes, ears and paws It was really hard work but we all got there in the end (after a while!). We then turned the teddies inside out and started sewing them together keeping close to the edge. We had to leave a gap so we could turn it the right way out again.

After we had finished stuffing the teddy through the gap and sewed the small gap up we were allowed to make clothes for the teddy. Some people made jackets and one teddy had a nappy!! (he he) As well as that someone put a blanket on hers and it looked like iggle piggle (from in the night garden)!!!! All the teddies look awesome and all of them have their own character.
It was great fun!! :)


  1. I am really impressed with the teddies- they all look fab!

  2. I really enjoyed making the teddies, I hope everyone else did to!!