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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Walking the walls!

Walking the walls

On Monday 23rd May 6HW went to walk the walls in Southampton city, we went to the forty steps which lead to Catchcold tower! After a while we then carried on to Arundel Tower which took a long time to get to the top. Then the Bargate wich we all had a go at sketching after we had completed the sketches we then moved on to the Arcades wHich the king orded to be blocked! next we went to West gate (second most important gate)we then went to lunch and were able to by an ice cream although it was cold! Then we headed back to the mini bus and got our bags ready to go swimming at the Quays. We all had a great time and realLy enjoyed ourselves and the whole class ended up playing a big game of it in the pool!!!

Here we are pretending to row the boats because that is where the sea used to come to-blue tiles represent the water.

We are standing where the wall used to be.

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