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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Yippee! Last SATs done!

This morning we finished our last SATs test, how do you think we’ve got through the week?

We've been doing SATs for the last week its gone very quickly. We've done seven tests: Maths A-B and mental arithmetic, English, Reading, Spelling and two writing tests. This has been quite hard for us all!

Now we are relaxing for the rest of the day- right now were sewing our coats of arms. Later on in the term we’re going to visit Castleton for 4 nights. More information about this coming soon.

The picture below shows us celebrating with cakes, drinks and marshmallows after our last test!


  1. We are in Years 3 and 4, but maybe if we get marshmallows after SATs it won't be so bad....
    Class 6, St Johns, www.stjohnsblogs.co.uk/class6

  2. Finally, SAT'S done now for the fun part of year 6!!!