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Friday, 6 May 2011


We have been creating atmosphere in our writing this week- have a read!

It’s a Mystery.

Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking    sound, it opened. Taking a deep breath, Ali walked inside…
A horrible stench entered his flaring nostrils as soon as he stepped through the open doorway. This door and room had definitely not been here when he had gone to school. But then again, they couldn’t have just – appeared. Could they? Ali’s mind filled with terror. He had to get out of here! But something wouldn’t let him go. Ali sniffed again, his moon round eyes watering at the foul odour of long dead creatures who had dared to make a home here, as well as the disgusting smell of (Ali gagged) petrol. “But what’s petrol doing down here?” He wondered out loud.
The moment he opened his desert dry mouth, he felt something crawl into it. His hand sprang to his mouth and pulled out a creepy, hairy spider. Squealing like a pig, Ali hopped backwards, sending up a cloud of century old puffy dust. Ali bit his lip. He felt as if other people had been here, other people who had never come out…alive. Ali stifled a squeak of fright. He stumbled towards the door and fell, while the door, with one final creak, swung shut, flooding the room in a wave of night black, crushing darkness. Click. The door locked. Suddenly, there was a swishing sound behind Ali, like the sound of rags brushing stone. The last thing Ali did, before someone grabbed him and dragged him further into the grumbling depths of the cave, was scream.

By Alice.      

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